small computer desk computer desk armoire With researchers suggesting that ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ sit-stand desks (SSD) have become a common tool to quell sedentary behavior in an office environment. As this furniture becomes.

Here’s a list of five organizations that will accept office furniture donations and supplies as well as the items each one accepts. green standards. green Standards Provides support to community organizations and charities by donating office furniture, supplies and equipment to local charitable organizations. Items Accepted include: Desks; Chairs

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Not sure if a charity near you will accept furniture donations? Don’t own a truck to cart the old couch and other heavy furniture donations across town? makes your task easier than ever. Charities in small towns, in big cities and everything in between are waiting for your furniture donations.

U-PANEL is a Malaysia office manufacturer specializing in various types of computer office furniture such as computer chairs and computer tables. Computer carts and computer stands – compact pieces of furniture that hold a computer and monitor – can serve in place of a desk when room is at a premium.

The school also has some new tables and chairs. The donations came via the charity scheme Business2Schools, which helps rehome office furniture that is no longer needed. Fremantle, the TV production.

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However, there’s a third option – and in our view, it’s the best one — which is to donate your used office furniture to a local non-profit organization. But to fulfill this noble objective, you need to answer (yet another!) question: Will charities accept our used office furniture? This gets a hazy "most likely" answer.

Simply select the type of items you want to donate (car, computer, furniture, pet supplies) and enter your zip code. You’ll get a list of charities that accept these items, with information about where and when you can drop them off. Many charities are very specific about what they can accept.

These reputable organizations will accept donations of office furniture, donations of used items such as furniture, computers, printers and other office supplies.